The purpose of establishing an international Excellent Centre for Advanced Materials (ECAM) for integrated European research knowledge and infrastructure for Unique Materials for Advanced Aerospace Applications (UMA3), is to master the greatest challenges in processes and technologies that are crucial for implementation of advanced materials designed for safe and durable performance and tailored properties in both aviation and space conditions, in order to boost:

  1. the knowledge and technology degree of innovation potential of UniMi-FMSE in developing new technologies, products and services with high-added value for regional, national and international clients,
  2. cooperation with SMEs, research organizations, industry and academia partners in regional, national, European and international projects,
  3. up-taking valuable research results in regional and national companies from the design to testing advanced materials with highly improved performances under space solutions.


The main aim of UMA3 is to attract to UniMi-FMSE forefront technologies and knowledge in advanced materials, prepared by powder metallurgy route for aerospace application, in order to be used by the industry and especially by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Moreover, the UMA3 project will highly support the research activity of UniMi-FMSE and promote its research excellence in advanced materials science and technology in Hungary and in Europe.

Precisely, the main objectives of UMA3 can be summarized as follows:

  • Strengthen the UNIMI-FMSE research excellence in advanced aerospace materials solutions
  • Improve the transfer of knowledge between Academia and Industry by establishing a long term collaboration strategy and sustainable network of partners
  • Enhance the promotion and preparation of highly trained and skilled young/early stage researchers and engineers in the aeronautical sector
  • Inspire the R&I activity of UNIMI-FMSE, project partners and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county and North Hungary region
  • Enhance the mobility of both early stage and experienced researchers within the UMA3 network
  • Support research and innovation priorities in synergy with the RIS3 strategies.
  • Strengthen the research management and administration profile of UNIMI-FMSE
  • Boost the research profile of UNIMI-FMSE and UMA3 partners