COMET is an SME based in Spain with the main objective to lead to effective commercialization of research and innovation achievements, including both public-funded and private-driven initiatives. Operating as a virtual global team of professionals coordinated by a small team of specialists out of the offices in Mataró (Barcelona), the founder team is composed by commercial technicians with over 20 years’ experience in Technical Business Development and wide experience in R&D funding. This allow us to play a facilitator role for technology developers towards the business community. COMET’s accumulated selling experience has convinced us in the real necessity of bringing real selling from the beginning of any technological development, whatever the TRL. Huge savings in efforts and resources can be inferred from proper future selling, since only the final customers can really guess which their necessities are and what could help in palliate them. Depending the selling type, B2C or B2B, several methodologies and channels can be put on the field to achieve the best results possible according with the grade of technological development and investment raised. Those actions may range from personal commercial meetings focusing on enhancing dialogue with key customers and stakeholders (like prescribers) to developing real marketing commercialization strategies as well as the use of widespread communication channels to reach the public at large.

For this reason COMET is also bringing their expertise to support the development of products following User Centered Design (UCD) principles, focusing in usability evaluation and user experience (UX) as key factors to properly introduce products into the market. Finally, COM develops public communication and dissemination hence backing and leading research activities and outcomes which big potential through targeted communication services and strategies to increase their outreach and impacts on society as a whole, highlighting research results in Circular Economy and Raw Materials, Iot-ICT, Printed Electronics, Nanotechnologies, Bioeconomy, Energy, Health and many others.

The role of COMET goes beyond the current consultancy fee schema to involve themselves with the potential commercialization results, hence If we believe in the product development, we add our guidance to the technological development defining the desired final product/service features as well as helping in the raise of private and public investment, bounding to finally introduce it to the selected markets, bringing experience and networking with full transparency among all the actors involved. Currently COMET is involved in 5 European R&D projects, carrying out tasks mainly related to communication, dissemination, exploitation, usability evaluation and applying User Centered Design principles.