News & Events

  • Tue Apr 20th, 2021

    1st UMA3 seminar takes place!

    The first UMA3 seminar on “European funding best practices: Succeeding into the new research and innovation programme Horizon Europe” will be held virtually on April 21st 2021, on 9:30-12:30 CET. The seminar is organized by the UMA3 partner, ICAMCYL.

    Horizon Europe, the next research and innovation programme for 2021-2027, will be introduced, as well as, among others, useful information and tips about the new processes, conditions, eligibility and evaluation criteria will be shared.

    More detailed information as well as the agenda of the event can be found here.

    The seminar can be accessed through the following link:

  • Thu Jan 28th, 2021

    UMA3 at the January 2021 issue of the EASN Newsletter

    The European Aeronautics Science Network (EASN) publishes on a regular basis an electronic newsletter which is distributed to several thousands of aerospace-related researchers and scientists throughout Europe.

    An article has been published at the January 2021 issue, introducing the concept, main objectives and expected impact of the UMA3 project.

    To read the article please visit:

  • Fri Dec 11th, 2020

    We are now online on Social Media!

    We are happy to announce that the UMA3 social media channels have now been created on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    We invite you to follow us there, become part of our community and in that way, be always updated with our latest news, progress and activities!

  • Fri Dec 11th, 2020

    UMA3 officially launched!

    The UMA3 H2020 Coordination and Support Action was officially launched in September 1st 2020. The project Kick-off meeting successfully took place virtually in September 17th 2020, with the presence of all consortium members.
    The meeting was very fruitful and the UMA3 partners had the opportunity to introduce themselves, as well as assemble and discuss about the activities, work-plan and interactions to be accomplished throughout the project.


  • Fri Dec 11th, 2020

    Welcome to the UMA3 public website!

    We invite you to look around and discover this new Coordination and Support Action of the European Commission!

    The UMA3 public website will act as the central element of the project’s dissemination strategy. It is designed to be the main tool to communicate and disseminate the knowledge produced by the project and make it available to the relevant target audiences.
    It, among others, describes the project concept, objectives, expected impact and work-plan. The UMA3 consortium members are also presented. The UMA3 website will be continuously updated throughout the project duration so as to incorporate the step by-step outcomes and outputs of the project.

    Here you will also find information about our latest news as well as relevant events!

    For any query, please use the contact form.